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Sample Size Mint Loose Leaf Tea

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1 small Can

Pure mint tea leaves hand picked straight from Jamaica. Loose leaf teas give a stronger taste and enhance tea benefits. 

To prepare just seep tea (how ever you prefer in a pot, kettle, cup or with infuser, etc) for 5-7 minutes after water comes to a boil. Then remove leaves and enjoy. Also remember you can prepare your tea however you like.

Serving size: 1 tsp or more depending on desired tea strength. 

Aside from the delicious fresh taste mint is known to:

-Freshen Breath 

-Relieve Indigestion 

-Fight Cold Symptoms 

-Nutrient Rich 

-Much More... 


Please contact us via email if you would like to inquire about wholesale, bulk or raw whole leaf ordering. 


The usage of any of Agatha's Best products is at the risk of the consumer. We do not guarantee any of the benefits associated with our teas.